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Quality Makeup products that save you money and time!! For all the busy ladies out there xx

If Like myself and probably the majority of La Femme Fatale, you like to look and feel nice but you find yourself rushing about in a ridiculous flurry of to-dos the moment your eyes open, with little to no time to spend on yourself; then read on because I have found some great multi-tasking makeup products which will save you time AND money whilst meeting your objective; which is to look and feel fab.

As a makeup Artist and Stylist I spend the majority of my working week making ladies look and feel amazing; which I absolutely love! However, in-between that, there’s the kids to feed and present to the world, the school runs, the dog walks, the housework, the shopping, cooking, homework, the odd Gym class, quick coffee with a neglected friend, emails, calls, appointments, evening work (Sound familiar?)……..the list goes on. My makeup is practically slapped on, if on at all!

This is why I went on a personal mission to find a few fab multi-tasking products, which means we can look and feel presentable in no time at all and it will save us spending our hard-earned cash on a number of different products if we can find one we can use which does more than one job!!

Moisturise, Tone, Set

Nu Skin Moisture Mist is now a permanent guest in my handbag! It was great to use throughout the summer to replace the moisture all the Sun, Sea and far too many Gins had stripped from me! I use it as a quick moisturizer before applying makeup; I also use it to quickly moisturise my entire body after a shower. It is also good as a toner and can be used to set your makeup. It absorbs super fast and lasts for absolutely ages!! Here is a handy link if you want to check it out: Nu Skin Moisture Mist.

Another brand which I absolutely love is Mommy Makeup. The whole brand is designed with busy ladies in mind, to help them look and feel their best whilst saving time and money. The products are designed to be quick and easy to use and to also do more than one job! The founder Debra Rubin-Roberts is just an adorable lady and a very busy New York Mommy herself. I love her Videos on the website

I am particularly impressed with her Any Wear Cream which is a multi-tasking creme-to-powder product that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips. With its water-proof, smudge-proof finish, Any Wear Creme is ideal for long days when you will have no time for touch ups. Available in 15 lovely shades, easy to apply with fingers, in handy little pots.

And as I am totally obsessed with Vintage Glamour I absolutely Love Love Love BESAME COSMETICS, Luxury Vintage Makeup. 

I particularly like using their Cake Mascara. Which is

fun to use as you activate it with a little water and turn it into a paste with your mascara brush before applying. It is also used as a liquid liner and is so much easier to apply than any other liquid liners  I have used. As a Makeup Artist I find this a lot easier to apply on my maturer ladies; also it doesn’t look as harsh on maturer eyes as a regular liquid liner can.


So Alleluia!! A little more time for us, thanks to three great brands. Have fun checking them out Ladies!!


Much Love Tits xxx











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