About Chez Titine

I remember as a wee nipper watching my mum tend to all sorts of ladies hair; the smell of perm solution, ladies lined up under the hood dryers with a magazine. All to often getting perm rollers and mums back combing brush stuck in my long curly hair after over enthusiastically imitating her.

Then I found myself to be a big grown up girl, singing in Rockabilly and 40s swing bands, modelling for various Vintage and Corset Companies, performing as ‘Titine La Voix’ at Burlesque shows and all the while paying close attention to the make-up artists and hair stylists working on me and the girls until I found myself glamouring up the girls for their performances.
Now, Hair, Makeup and Beauty is an obsession of mine. I have supporting me a great team of experienced and passionate Stylists and Beauty Therapists who listen to what the client wants and who’s attention to detail is beyond compare. I’m forever designing and creating that slightly more flamboyant Up-do with more complex Rolls and Waves, or Bigger Victory Roll and tend to put this into practice on my poor daughter and her friends who dare not stand still in case I come at them with Hairspray and Bobby Pins.
And that Pussy Cats is how my Vintage Hair Salon was Born.
Too Much Love and back combing
Jane  (aka Chez Titine) x